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FAMOUS PIZZA will give 10% off your order , just mention The SCOTTY Fund.

SALZ'S Pizza  SCOTTY Fund-to-go Menu

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·Grinder and Fries (Meatball or Chicken Parmigiana, Sausage and Peppers) for $7.99

·2 Slices, 2 Knots and a Can of Soda for $5.00 

·Small House or Caesar Salad and a Can of Soda for $5

· Small Cheese Pizza and a 20 oz. Soda for $9.99


Vicki's Charcuterie Boxes
Snack Charcuterie Box (1-2 People) $60.00
Petite Charcuterie Box (up to 4 people) $75.00
Pick-up at 5:00 at

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